Our team has experience working with a multitude of musicians from beginners interested in recording their first song to professionals looking to record their next full length album. We've worked with artists from every genre and walk of life and know exactly what it takes to make you sound your best. Throughout our time in music industry we've met many amazing people and networked with some of the biggest names on the planet. Not only can we help you lay down the best tracks you ever imagined, but we can guide you in the right direction to successfully fulfill the goals and dreams of your musical career. One size certainly does not fit all in this industry and that is why we offer a free consultation to anyone interested in our studio recording services. Contact us today for our scheduling availability and let us show you what we can do for you!


We're based in Chattanooga, TN and work with all of the recording studios in the area. Your musical goals and budget will determine which studio space we will use, but rest assured that our team can produce amazing work with even the most humble of setups.

We've worked with artists from across the nation and have used studios of all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. Every studio has it's own unique characteristics and some will be better suited for certain types of music than others. Let us apply our knowledge and experience in this arena to get you and your musicians into the best studio for your specific genre and aspirations.

If you are of the truly elite level and not only want, but NEED the absolute highest quality recording environment on the planet we've got you covered! Our lead engineer received his audio engineering degree in Nashville, TN and has access to several of the most exclusive studios in the world. While this option may be cost prohibitive to most, our established relationships allow us to bring you the best possible prices for access to these magical realms of musical wonder. With our wisdom and expertise behind the board we can assist you in producing and recording award winning tracks of an untouchable caliber.