We offer a complete selection of music production services for amateur and professional musicians alike. Do you have a vision for a song or album, but need assistance in bringing it to life? Or do you need advice and direction from a team of professionals who know exactly what the record labels are looking? Scenic Sound Solutions offers full service music production for every vertical; movies, tv, radio, dvd, cd, and online media of every kind. Our team has experience in every one of these avenues and are ready and waiting to produce the next big thing! 


Every production project is one of a kind and requires an individualized strategy and set of skills. Fortunately our team has experience working on nearly every type of project imaginable. We’ve worked with and for artists and producers from all genres and walks of life and learned the lessons that cannot be taught.

The production team is an integral part of every musical project and even the most seasoned artists need assistance to realize their vision. We will discuss all of the facets of your project and find out exactly what it is you’re trying accomplish and proceed to develop a plan to achieve goals.

Whether you’re trying to record the next multi-platinum album, a rising internet sensation needing a quality track for iTunes, or a local business that needs a 30 second radio commercial produced, our team has the expertise and resources to successfully carry out any of these tasks.

Our producer will create a fully customized plan to meet your individual needs, goals, and market conditions. This plan will ensure your time, money, and energy are being spent as wisely and efficiently as possible.

Our production services can be as involved and hands on as you’d like. We can eliminate the headache of managing musicians, vocalists, songwriters, etc. by coordinating everything for you. We can also provide a very hands off approach where we offer our knowledge and guidance to assist you in learning the process and avoiding any pitfalls you might not see. 

Our team is not only here to work for you, but WITH you. We love music and are extremely passionate about our industry and nothing brings us greater satisfaction than helping others succeed at what they’re most ardent about. 

No project is too big or too small for our team and we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in our services. We’ve worked some of the biggest stars in the industry all the way down to your local artists and mom and pop style studios. Everyone receives the same level of quality service and customer support.

It’s hard to quantify what we can do for you in a few short sentences…if you are serious about taking your production to the next level give us a call to setup a free consultation to discuss exactly what is that we can do for you! 


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