Here at Scenic Sound Solutions we offer professional level mixing and mastering services at extremely competitive prices. Whether you’re an aspiring musician looking to impress your friends or you’re a full fledged superstar in the making wanting the absolute best sounding tracks to present to the record label executives, we’ve got you covered! Our technician completed his audio engineering degree at one of the most prestigious design schools in Nasvhille and has many years experience working in this industry. Regardless of your genre or style of music our team knows exactly how to bring the absolute best out of every single song. Our work is always of the highest quality and we offer unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with the end result. 


Mixing is the process of combining all of the elements of your track; the guitar, the snare, the kick, hats, toms, bass, vocals, harmonica, even the electric triangle, or any other instruments and balancing them perfectly to achieve the professional sound you are looking. We can leave out the electric triangle as it only has it’s place in very specific genres!

Our mixing service also includes the addition of effects such as compression, reverb, delay, EQ, chorus, and many of the hundreds of other effects designed to give your song a unique sound to stand out from the crowd. We are leaders in our industry and want to give you every advantage we can to showcase your talent.

When we start with high quality, cleanly-recorded songs we can produce some spectacular results. Our team has not only been listening and learning, but we’ve been playing music our entire lives and have paid attention to the nuances of recorded music. We have formal education in all of the techniques to produce the fullest, most crisp and professional sound imaginable. 

If you’re interested in our mixing service let us give you a free assessment of your audio and show you exactly what it is that we can offer you.

Also known as digital mastering, cd mastering, audio mastering, and music mastering; mastering is the process that follows mixing and it’s where we put the finishing touches on the mix. Many of the techniques involved in mastering simply cannot be completed during the mixing process. While they may be very closely related they are separate processes entirely.

I’ll use a simple analogy to explain the differences. If you were cooking dinner mixing is the process of combining all of the ingredients into one dish at the right proportions to make them taste amazing together. Mastering would be last step where the dish is plated and garnished to look as appetizing and appealing as possible. You cannot put the food on the plate until it’s done cooking and the same principle applies to mastering. Mastering is the last step where we apply the finishing touches to produce the best possible sound.

Mastering accomplishes many things, but the most noticeable will be that all of your songs are clearer, wider, and louder. The instruments and vocals that sounded great before will now sound even better. All of these elements will be brought together in a more cohesive way to bring you an actual song and not just a collection of individual tracks. 

In short mastering is what gives your music that high-end shine that makes it radio ready. Our mastering service can literally be the difference between your success and failure in this highly competitive music world.

If you’re not sure if our mastering service is for you or if you don’t fully understand it’s power please contact us and let us show you what we can do. There’s no reason not to give us a try, send us a sample of your music and if you’re not fully satisfied we’ll refund 100% of your money.