Are you in a band that performs at live venues? Have you ever wanted professional level audio and video recordings of your performances? At Scenic Sound Solutions we’re ecstatic to bring you this truly unique service offering. Our crew will record your live concert performance in both high quality audio and high-definition video and mix, master, and edit your performance into any formats of your choosing!


This is a truly unique service that we are offering and it may be fully customized to your liking. We originally intended for this to be audio only so bands could have recordings with that live feel and atmosphere, but we’ve expanded to offer HD video as well.

If you’re anything like me you have thousands of pictures from nearly every important and exciting experience in your life. We all love to immortalize our memories in many different forms of media and it’s become quite easy this day and age. What could be better than having a high-quality audio and video recording of the best performance you’ve ever put on?!

We all associate fond memories with some of our favorite songs, but why would you want to stop at just the memory? Let us create a truly one of a kind work of art that you can share with your friends and family for years to come.

Our team is comprised of lifelong musicians and we’ve all played in bands and held concerts throughout our lives. None of us have anything more than a couple of photos and the affectionate memories that accompany them. We created this service because this is something every single one of us wishes had been offered when we we’re playing concerts. Nothing would be better than being able to relive those experiences in HD! 

This service is not just for adults or your typical live music concert either! As parents ourselves we know the importance of being their for your children at every recital, concert, or play. 

Instead of having a few pictures and maybe a video taken with your smartphone or camcorder let our team record a professional level version of your child’s performance! We will capture ever magical moment in full HD with the most outstanding sound quality possible.

We are offering this service for more than just concerts and musical recitals. We want to capture any type of performance you can imagine from a school play, dance recital, ballet performance, talent show, or anything else that you’d love to be able to show their friends and family that couldn’t make it!

While this is a new service that we are offering, we’re extremely experienced in this industry and have the resources and expertise to produce some amazing memories. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the quality of our recordings and post production work.

Every performance and venue are different and we will have to custom tailor every offer to fit your requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us discuss our process, the costs, and turn around time for our live recording services.

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